Steve’s Journey

When my youngest son Louie was born, I was unhealthily approaching my fiftieth birthday, terrified that I wasn’t going to see him grow up. Not that he was my first, I already had six amazing children (I know, that’s a lot) but there was something about the surprise arrival of our awesome little boy which shook me to my very core.

Like any parent, I want the best for my children but more importantly, I want to be around to see them grow up, to be on hand to help them and simply just be a part of their lives for as long as possible. I am not the first parent who worries about not being around for their kids. It doesn’t make me unique, it just means I’m human.

At that very moment, I knew that I wanted to dedicate every waking moment to keeping myself and those I love, alive and healthy for as long as possible – And with that, Health Daddy was bought to life.

I’ve spent the last four years, interviewing doctors, nutritionists and other health experts and the evidence is overwhelming. We’re shortening the life expectancy of ourselves and those whom we love, simply because of what we consume. That’s the bad news. The good news it’s also entirely preventable.

For years, hundreds of foods have been marketed to us and our children as the healthy option when in truth, they are the biggest contributors to fatal diseases we’ve ever known and often contain levels of sugar, one of the most addictive substances which as parents we wilfully administer to our families.

Now I get that most parents understand sugar is bad and that supermarkets have provided a handy traffic light system but that’s not enough. Even food with healthy labels can be masquerading as sugar and here’s what I discovered.  

All carbohydrates are broken down into simple sugars in the gut. Carbohydrates are nothing more than sugar in disguise.

We are starving ours and our children’s bodies of good nutrition and we are poisoning them with a cleverly marketed, sugar-coated death sentence. Human health above all, depends on sound nutrition from natural clean foods.

The second that I learned that we can affect how long we live, that was it for me, I was fresh out of excuses and so are you. A short life is not fate.

And here are the cold hard facts. Supermarkets and westernised food manufacturers make a lot of money selling artificial foods and pharmaceutical companies make even more by producing drugs to combat their effects, so I think we can safely say, neither one is looking out for yours or your children’s best interests.

I personally feel embarrassed that it took me so long to wake up and realise that I was simply listening to what I was told, rather than thinking for myself – but there’s a small comfort in knowing that I’m not alone.

As a Dad, I had allowed my own health and that of my children to be shaped by misguided research, corporate greed, outdated governmental advice but I simply woke up and decided to change.

Over the last four years, I’ve learned that hope isn’t a strategy.

I’m turning my family’s life around by trying to remove deadly sugar, processed carbohydrates, bread, cereals, soft drinks and fruit juices. Instead I’m focusing on real food such as Eggs, Fish, Nuts, Meat, Vegetables, Berries, Coconut, Avocado, Dairy and Supplements.

One step at a time, using ‘Little wins’ I’m adopting a lifestyle that I know is both in their best interests and in turn, keeps us all healthier for longer and a big part of each other’s lives.

Let’s face facts, I’m here to give them the best start in the world and it begins by putting their health first.

Real change begins by ‘being the change’. Join me today and help those that you love, live longer.