As I write this today, the dangers of sugar are slowly starting to get some well-deserved headlines but I can tell you this much, we’ve only begun to scrape the surface.

When I discovered the truth about sugar and carbohydrates, I was genuinely shocked embarrassed that I had both been damaging mine and my family’s health.

What’s more, it’s worse than I thought.

The food choices my wife and I make for our children on a daily basis, will most likely contribute to the likelihood of them becoming Obesity, or suffering from Cardiovascular Disease, Strokes, Cancer, High Blood Pressure, Type 2 Diabetes and Dementia in later life.

These are the same choices my parents made for me, (to be fair to them) in good faith.

The very choices that led to my Dad’s diabetes and my mum’s dementia.

How many of us have lost Parents, loved ones, close friends to these diseases?

While I don’t yet know the damage my previous food choices have done to my own life span, I am damn sure going to do everything I can to help those that I love, live longer.

Something has to change and it begins today, otherwise, tomorrow will no longer be an option.

I’m hitting the issue of sugar head-on and specifically, the hidden sugars masquerading as Healthy options.

All carbohydrates are broken down into simple sugars in the gut. Carbohydrates are nothing more than sugar in disguise.

Once digested, all potatoes, pasta, bread and rice become sugar in the body and is either burned as a fuel or stored as body fat. With the exception of fibre, all excess sugar in the blood is bundled up by insulin and stored as body fat which will eventually lead to a whole host of problems, illnesses and diseases.

There’s a reason why so many of us won’t be around for our loved ones for as long as we could be. We have listened to the marketing hype and moved away from nutritionally-rich, natural foods, to a diet full of additives.

It is a serious issue and it has to stop, today.  

I want to save lives through awareness and we have teamed up with a whole host of experts, to create our “Spoonful of sugar” campaign.

Join Health Daddy today and learn more about how you can help someone you love, live longer.

Steve Bennett

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