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What our experts say

"The modern world is toxic. The influence of the big food and pharmaceutical corporations has corrupted our understanding of what means to be healthy. Steve Bennett is the perfect teacher. Read, learn, take action and your health will improve!"

Dr. Dan Maggs, GP & Founder of Carb Dodging

"Steve Bennett is bursting to tell the world about how he changed his diet and life around by looking at the lifestyle of our ancestors. I love his enthusiasm and I love the book. There is almost nothing that I would disagree with"

Dr. Malcolm Kendrick, Author & Doctor

"The top five causes of death in the UK - namely cancer, heart disease, stroke, lung and liver disease - all have preventable elements to them. The Primal Cure brilliantly details how realigning our diet and lifestyle to that of our ancestors underwrites prevention."

Dr. Shan Hussain, GP & Founder of the Health Studio

"The Primal Cure’s approach to food, health, nutrition and exercise empowers individuals to take control of their own health. Steve Bennett’s Primal principals reflect the way that we humans are designed to live, providing the basic foundations necessary for achieving a healthy mind and body."

Deborah Colson, Cognitive Nutritionist

"Modern pressures can seriously affect the mental health and psychological performance in people of all ages. The Primal Cure offers simple solutions to society’s problems, by applying primitive principles to help us function at our maximum in today’s world."

Dr Dimitrios Paschos, Consultant Psychiatrist

"The Primal Cure contains a wealth of knowledge and busts some tired old fixed myths, exposing the truth about our diet and what it means to eat healthy, nutritious food. A great resource for anyone who wants to discover optimum health and improve their wellbeing. "

Hannah Richards, Founder of The Gut Clinic Mayfair, Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach

"Never before has nutritional wellbeing and making the right lifestyle choices been so important. Historical doctrine, bad advice and poor dietary habits are crippling the health of today’s society. The Primal Cure is one man’s journey on a holistic approach to good health. "

Dr Jeff Stoker, GP and Master Life Coach

"The Primal Cure’s no-nonsense approach to lifestyle and nutrition is a breath of fresh air. Far too long have we been given the wrong advice, when a truly healthy lifestyle is about eating real food and remaining active. Steve Bennett describes how the world around us has changed over the past 100 years and explains why “we can’t exercise our way out of a bad diet”. Adopting the Primal ideology will give you a greater understanding of how to optimise your health and wellbeing so that you feel amazing."

Jeraldine Curran, Nutritional Consultant

"As more scientific studies highlight the important role that diet, exercise and lifestyle play in reducing the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of psychological impairment, adopting The Primal Cure is a good way to protect both the brain and body in order to optimise your health. A simple solution to help maximise cognitive function and safeguard against diseases. "

Dr Emer MacSweeney, Re:Cognition Health CEO & Medical Director